Granite Slabs can be defined as a broad and thick, four sided piece of granite stone which is much larger than a tile. Granite slab being a durable and environmentally safe material, is widely used in the construction industry. Unlike the manufacturing of other construction materials like cement, metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, etc.

which creates a lot of irrevocable pollution, no pollutants of any type are emitted in the manufacturing of granite slabs. Besides being aesthetic and comely, the granite slabs have a very long life; they often last for centuries.

The contemporary granite slabs are the preference of any builder or architect. The granite slabs come in multiple shapes, their common shapes include square, oval, rectangular, pentagon, and circular. Similarly, there are various colors available in these slabs like white, black, grey, green, pink, brown, and red.

Wall Tiles
60 x 240 cm, 70 x 240 cm, 120 x 240 cm, 80 x 240 cm.
10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm. and all sizes are available as per your requirment
Polished, Honed, Natural, Brushed, Flamed, SandBlasted.